OM PUR Rose-Cucumber Eye Cream

$ 35.99


    • Helps soften lines & creases
    • Promotes firmer, thicker eye tissue
    • Supports greater moisture retention
    • Helps reduce puffiness & dark circles
    • Soothes & calms redness & irritation



    The delicate and often sensitive skin around the eyes needs to be nourished and protected differently than other facial tissue. The exposed skin surrounding the eyes is thin and lacking in fat cells and hydration and can benefit from a layer of surface protection to help prevent loss of moisture. This makes a specially formulated cream advantageous for eye care. 

    OM PUR eye cream helps the fragile skin around the eyes become more firm and thicker by stimulating cell regeneration and providing high levels of essential fatty acids. Hydration and stimulating plant extracts are also provided to create ‘flow’ in the tissues. This is important to carry nutrients in and move toxins out. ‘Flow’ in the skin around the eyes also helps to remove excess fluid causing puffiness and stagnant pools of blood that can cause dark circles. 

    OM PUR eye cream uses only a small amount of aromatic rose wax with raw shea butter to create a thicker protective barrier. Fragrant cucumber distillate and other anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe and calm sensitive eye tissues.

    Additional Information

     Size 15 ml
    Skin Type All Skin Types
    Directions Gently pat on cleansed skin around the eye area. It is best to apply cream before an oil moisturizer to prevent oil from seeping into the eye. Use morning and night for best results.

    *Rose distillate; *Aloe vera gel; Olive butter; *Sunflower seed oil; Water, lactobacillus ferment lysate filtrate (probiotic), green tea leaf extract, pomegranate extract, lactobacillus ferment, caffeine; *Aloe-Herb extract (*aloe vera gel, *butchers broom, *chamomile, *echinacea, *eyebright, *gingko, *gotu kola, *helichrysum, *lavender, *lemon balm, *milk thistle seed, *green tea, *shavegrass, *St. John's wort); *Squalane; *Glycerin; Cucumber distillate; Aspen bark extract; Vegetable wax; Vitamin C ester; Vitamin E tocopherols; *Andiroba oil; *Pomegranate CO2; *Rosehip seed CO2; CoQ10/*squalane; Lecithin; Superoxide dismutase (SOD); Hyaluronic acid powder concentrate; *Schisandra CO2; *Rosemary CO2; Xanthan gum; Sodium ascorbate

    *Wildcrafted or Organic