About Us

We believe that excellent skincare should go beyond vanity and should be a holistic part of our health and vitality.  We believe excellent skincare to be a way of honoring the goddess within and without.  When cared for the inner goddess radiates a sense of love, health, connection and shines her natural beauty!  This is Shri beauty!  Shri being a Sanskrit honorific for one who radiates love, purity and beauty, it is synonymous with the goddess Lakshmi who is abundance, love and beauty herself.

Beauty and health are naturally designed to coexist.  Where there is beauty there is a subconscious understanding that health is also present.  Where there is heath there is an eminence of beauty!  At Shri Beauty we stand firm in the belief that what is good for our skin should also be good for the environment and our communal world.  Our mission is to bring you the most ethically sourced and naturally effective skincare products on the market today.  We do the leg work in fully researching the products we sell so that you may have a one-stop, reliable source for your skincare needs.
Finding Our Products

It is a slow and careful process seeking out products worthy of our mission.  What better place to begin our search than in our own backyard.  Beginning locally further supports our mission and gives us the opportunity to have a personal relationship with the people and companies we source from.  

We stumbled upon our first product line, quite appropriately, at a yoga conference in Crested Butte, Colorado in 2012.  Shri Beauty founder, Carolyn Yates, had a lovely conversation with the ISUN and OM PUR Alive & Ageless Skincare representative, but didn’t actually try any of their products.  So many skincare companies over promise and under deliver that Carolyn felt skeptical and didn’t bother to try the products right there.  The clever rep later mailed a sample kit to Carolyn and the rest is history!  An amazing relationship was born and Shri Beauty was inspired into existence as a way to share these incredible products and others like them with more people.

Shri Beauty is proud to bring you the finest wildcrafted and organic skincare products available anywhere.

Shri Beauty (previously known as the "Bija Spa" inside Studio Bija Yoga & Spa) is now located inside The Hive building at 130 Grand Avenue in Paonia, Colorado, USA.