ISUN Gemstone Body Oils

We believe in the healing power of the sun as a dynamic source of life-sustaining energy. The sun is vital for a healthy, joyful life experience and should be enjoyed safely, especially in the morning and late daytime hours when harmful rays are less present.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants are using topically applied skin care products that avoid chemicals and are based on skin-protective antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients, provides excellent, natural and safe protection from UV rays that can cause skin cancers and aging effects in skin.

ISUN skin care products are formulated to provide safe, natural UV protection, especially the advanced Phyto-Infusion serums and advanced bioactive facial moisturizers. In addition to our natural UV protective skin care products, we have created two distinctive, pure organic and natural sun care products for those times when extra protection is needed. Both products are powerful sources of clinically effective antioxidants and enzymes that specifically protect DNA and cell membranes from damaging effects of UV radiation.

Both products may be used in layered applications for maximum protection by applying the Photo Enzyme serum first, then the Antioxidant Sun Butter containing sunblock micronized zinc oxide as an over layer. Each product may also be used separately.

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