Organic Skincare - Where To Begin? March 06, 2016 18:35

OM PUR Pomegranate Vitamin C Repair Serum - Organic SkincareIntroducing a new product or entire skincare line to your beauty regimen can be daunting and intimidating.  When adding something new, even if it were magic in a bottle, it can give you negative results if not used properly. 

Switching to an organic and purely botanical skincare product may instigate a detoxifying effect for your skin at first.  Because of this, it is important to go slow and work with your skin as it heals and adjusts to a highly anti-oxidant and deeply nourishing and repairing product.  Avoid the tendency to let your excitement about your new discovery lead to over-zealously applying everything offered from your new favorite skincare company. 

We always suggest you start with adding just the OM PUR Pomegranate Vitamin C Repair Serum to your existing skincare regimen.  Begin using this serum after cleansing and before moisturizing morning and night.  After 7-14 days of consistent use you will begin to notice the positive benefits of this serum which might include:

  • Increased collagen & elasticity
  • Firmer, less saggy skin
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduced redness & inflammation
  • More even skin tone
  • Increased skin hydration
  • Natural UV protection

  • OM PUR Pomegranate Vitamin C Repair SerumOnce you feel confident and radiant with the use of the OM PUR Pomegranate Vitamin C Repair Serum you can begin to add in other OM PUR and ISUN products. 

    Try switching to one of the Ph balanced cleansers formulated for your skin type and discover how using these cleansers primes the skin to take in the serum even more effectively.  Eventually add the facial oil moisturizers and work your way towards incorporating the 8 different products used in the 10 Steps to Healthy & Glowing Skin with OM PUR and ISUN Skincare.

    You’re only one step away to achieving healthier and more vibrant skin.

    The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

    ~ Plato

    10 Steps to Healthy and Glowing Skin with OM PUR and ISUN Skincare February 10, 2016 15:21

    ISUN OM PUR SKINCARENow that you’ve invested in the outstanding quality of OM PUR and ISUN skincare products you’re feeling ready to experience amazing results!  

    Let us help guide you towards the best results by walking you through a step-by-step process.  If used improperly, even the most magical products won’t provide the superior results they’re capable of. 

    Follow these easy steps for maximum results using your OM PUR and ISUN products.

    Step 1 – Create Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    Your skincare can only do so much if you’re not taking care of yourself from the inside out.  It is important to be well hydrated, well rested and consuming a diet rich in antioxidants and free of processed ingredients to give a foundation for your topical products to do their magic.

    Step 2 – Establish a Rhythm

    Once you find the skincare regime that works best for you stick with it consistently.  Bringing your skincare regime into your circadian rhythm enhances the effects of your skincare dramatically!

    Step 3 – Cleanse

    Begin with a Ph balanced cleanser.  The OM PUR and ISUN cleansers are all perfectly balanced to your skin’s Ph and gently cleanse without stripping any of the natural protection your skin needs.  Additionally, the OM PUR and ISUN facial cleansers nourish your skin through the gentle cleansing process.  Cleanse each morning and each night before bed. 

    *Tip: You may not need to use the cleanser twice daily.  You may need to simply rinse your face thoroughly with water once a day and then cleanse once a day.

    Step 4 – Exfoliate

    Once or twice a week it is important to exfoliate.  As the skin is naturally shedding old cells daily, they can accumulate on the surface leaving your skin looking dry and dull.  Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and not only brings out a natural glow but refreshes the skin to receive the nutrients of your skin care products.  We recommend:  OM PUR Dead Sea Mud-Crystal Refining Facial Exfoliant  or OM PUR Rosehip Chamomile Herbal Scrub

    Step 5 – Tone & Hydrate

    Now that your skin is primed to take in some deep nourishment you want to layer your products using products with the highest hydrating components before using moisture-locking products.  After cleansing and exfoliating use a mist that suits your skin’s needs and/or the ISUN Emerald Sun Hydrosol.  The mists help to further balance the skin’s Ph while nourishing with herbs targeted for different skin types.  The Emerald Sun Hydrosol is not a toner but provides deep hydration.

    Step 6 – Serum

    The OM PUR and ISUN serums provide your skin with a high level of antioxidants that help renew and repair damaged skin cells while naturally providing protection against UV rays.  Apply after each cleanse, mist and/or ISUN Emerald Sun Hydrosol. 

    Our most popular Serum:  OM PUR Pomegranate-Vitamin C Repair Serum

     *Tip: Alternately, the ISUN Emerald Sun Hydrosol can be mixed in with any serum and applied together.

    Step 7 – Eye Cream

    OM PUR and ISUN eye creams are extremely beneficial for protecting the thin and delicate skin around the eyes while reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  However, it is important to apply eye cream before applying any oil moisturizers to prevent oil migration to the eye area.  Because this skin is thin, the oils can seep through the skin and cause minor eye irritation.  Apply morning and night.  Try the OM PUR Rose-Cucumber Eye Cream or ISUN Peptide Eye Cream

    Step 8 – Moisturize

    OM PUR and ISUN offer a wide range of facial moisturizing oils to choose from.  From very light to heavier oils, there is one perfect for every skin type.  It may seem a contradiction to use oil on even oily skin but our skin LOVES oil and is ready to absorb it!  OM PUR and ISUN facial oils are 100% pure and 100% active containing to “filler” ingredients.  Switching to an oil moisturizer will balance your skin’s natural oil secretion and begin deeply nourishing while repairing any damage and dryness. Use in the morning and during the day as needed (i.e. dryer climates, increased sun exposure, etc.) 

    We Recommend:  OM PUR Acai-Antioxidant Restoring Moisturizer

    *Tip: Consider giving your skin a gentle reprieve at night by not applying oil before bed.  Dry skin sometimes requires oil at night but allowing the skin a “rest” from products when possible can help support its own natural balance.

    Step 9 – Lip Protection

    Keep your lips hydrated and protected from wind, cold and UV rays.  OM PUR and ISUN lip balms keep your lips healthy and moist.  Apply generously throughout the day as needed.

    You'll love this:  OM PUR Seabuckthorn Berry Lip Balm

    Step 10 – Cultivate Gratitude

    Take time daily to feel and express gratitude.  Be grateful to yourself for taking such great care of yourself and the planet by choosing a skincare regime that supports your health and beauty without causing any harm to any other life form.  OM PUR and ISUN Skincare products are sourced from the most ethical and sustainable ingredients and suppliers available.


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